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(In any case, if you are not satisfied with the product quality of Dai Thang Loi Trading and Production Co., Ltd., please report directly to Hotline Mr. Binh 09 7557 1333 for resolution) .

In order to ensure consumer rights and improve the quality of after-sales service, the company will support you with a warranty if the product has a manufacturer's technical error. In case the error is caused by the user, the customer support company will repair it at a fee. The product is only warranted when it fully meets the following conditions:

1. Qualified products
Products covered by warranty must meet the following conditions:
- The machine is damaged due to manufacturer error.
- The product is still under warranty, use in accordance with the manufacturer's conditions.
- The device must be intact, without defects in appearance (scratches, scratches, dents, drops, breaks...)
- Have all accompanying documents: Purchase invoice, warranty card.

2. Ineligible product
- The machine is damaged due to customer use or installation not following the manufacturer's instructions.
- The machine is damaged by objective conditions: unstable power source, the machine falls. contaminated with lightning, chemicals, power outages, wells with sand, running without water...
- Improper transportation and storage: leaving the machine in the rain, in a humid or unventilated place, operating the motor without the air cover and fan blades, being bitten by rats, cockroaches, and ants, being exposed to dirty water and garbage. jamming the wings, using the wrong pump function...
- The machine's spare parts wear out naturally and directly during use.

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