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- The water pump should be installed indoors in a dry, ventilated, clean place and near a water source.
- The water pump only uses clean water, used for pressurizing and pumping tap water.
- The power source needs to be stable, the water pump should be grounded to ensure safety when used.
- After installing the pump, run it for a test run. The pump must run smoothly and not make noise. However, when the water pressure increases, it will normally make a slight noise and does not affect use.
- When using the pump, if you detect any unusual problems, stop the machine and have it repaired.
- Please read the warranty card and assembly instructions carefully before using the machine.


Warranty 02 years from date of purchase.   Unconditionally exchange for a new device with warranty within the first 1 year of use.
- The machine is damaged due to manufacturer error.
- The machine is still under warranty, install and use according to the instructions.
- Warranty card matches the number on the device, is intact, not erased and has complete information.
- The machine is in its original form, no parts have been disassembled or replaced.


- The machine is damaged due to improper installation by the customer or outdoor installation.
- The input water source has alum, sand or dirt that can clog the fan blades.
- The machine is damaged due to objective conditions such as unstable voltage, lightning,...
- Improper transportation and storage: the machine falls, water enters the machine body (rain, flooding, broken pipes...), mice, cockroaches get in and bite...
- Machine components wear out naturally and directly during use.

* Technical instructions: 093.842.1212 (Mr. Tan), 070.8071.333 (Mr. Quy).

Where to receive and return warranty:
Address: Lot No. 8, Street No. 4, Tan Tao Industrial Park, Binh Tan District, City. Ho Chi Minh.
Phone: 08.3955 6666 - 08.3955 3333 - 08.3955 2222

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