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- The machine is used to pump fresh water, clean water, the water temperature must not exceed 35°C.
- When the pump operates continuously for more than 10 minutes, make sure that the entire pump body is completely submerged in water.
- When placing a submersible pump underwater, especially in a river, it should be placed more than 50 cm away from the river bottom to avoid the machine sucking up sand, mud, and garbage from the river bottom, which will jam the impeller.
- If using the pump in dirty water sources such as alum, mud, sand, especially water in construction sites or using a seawater pump, the customer will bear the risk of machine damage or fire if it occurs. To use the pump for a long time, it is best to equip it with an anti-overload electrical cabinet.
- When using the pump, pay attention to the power supply voltage being sufficient and stable. The pump should not be placed more than 30m away from the power source.

- To ensure safety, do not go into the water while the pump is operating.


1. Warranty cases
- The machine is damaged due to manufacturer error.
- The product is still under warranty, use in accordance with the manufacturer's conditions.
- The machine comes with a warranty card with complete information.
- The machine is in its original form and has not been disassembled or replaced.

2. In case of repair, there is a fee
- The machine is damaged due to improper installation by the customer.
- The pump is used incorrectly: pumping dirty water mixed with sand, mud, gravel, garbage,...
- Machine damage due to objective conditions such as unstable voltage, machine falling, lightning, chemicals, phase loss, idling,...
- The machine's spare parts wear out naturally and directly during use.

* Technical instructions: 093.842.1212 (Mr. Tan), 070.8071.333 (Mr. Quy).

Where to receive and return warranty:
Address: Lot No. 8, Street No. 4, Tan Tao Industrial Park, Binh Tan District, City. Ho Chi Minh.
Phone: 08.3955 6666 - 08.3955 3333 - 08.3955 2222

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