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- The clean water pumps manufactured by the Company are only used to pump clean water. If the pump is used for the wrong function such as pumping muddy water, dirty water, sea water, fish sauce, water hotter than 50 degrees, sandy water, oil, etc. chemicals, acids... The company waives warranty
- Sewage pumps only have pumping function under the condition that there is 0.1% sediment, sand, and mud to avoid dirty water with too much sand, trash, and objects that clog the blades and prevent the machine from operating.
- When using pumps and motors, pay attention to the power source voltage.
High quality 5-7A/ 1mm² electrical wire is recommended for copper wire. Do not pull the cord too far from the power source.


1 year warranty from date of purchase. Change to a new device in case of problems within the first 3 months of use.
- The machine is damaged due to manufacturer error
- The product is still under warranty, use in accordance with the manufacturer's conditions.
- Warranty card and seal must be intact
- The machine is in its original form and has not been disassembled or had any parts replaced.


- The machine is damaged due to improper use or installation by the customer.
- The machine is damaged due to objective conditions such as unstable power source, machine falling, lightning, chemicals, phase loss, sand in the well, running without water...
- Improper transportation and storage: leaving the machine in the rain, in a humid place without ventilation, the motor operates without a hood or fan, gets bitten by rats, cockroaches, and ants, gets bitten by dirty water, and trash. stuck wings, misuse of pump function...
- The machine's spare parts wear out naturally and directly during use.
- No warranty on seals, rubber components, plastic components.

- No warranty for products using too low voltage (<180V).

* Small tip: Immediately install a 1-way valve on the water outlet pipe to avoid water return, increasing the pump's durability.
* Technical instructions: 093.842.1212 (Mr. Tan), 070.8071.333 (Mr. Quy).

Where to receive and return warranty:
Address: Lot No. 8, Street No. 4, Tan Tao Industrial Park, Binh Tan District, City. Ho Chi Minh.
Phone: 08.3955 6666 - 08.3955 3333 - 08.3955 2222

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